The Inspiration

As a young girl, my grandmother would lovingly read to me story books from her childhood. We would lay together with a book on rainy days and as I would watch the water droplets race down the window panes, she would find a way to articulate the words from the pages in a way that the stories would become movie reels in my mind. I remember with clarity the day she introduced to me, “Eloise in Paris”. It felt so foreign, being a young girl in Rehoboth Beach, hearing the tales of the precocious Eloise gallivanting throughout the city of lights most iconic sights…

A few decades later, I found myself in the position of creating a restaurant concept in a unique space downtown Rehoboth. As I considered the possibilities, it became apparent that the sub-terrarian space reminded me of the many French restaurants of Paris and New York City. Memories of Eloise flooded my mind and I immediately sought out to find a copy of the book detailing her time spent in Paris. Within a day, the vision for La Fable was created. It has now been a dream come true to create an experience that not only transports our guests to their memories of France, but also brings my movie reel of Eloise to life.

-Megan Kee is the owner/operator of La Fable, Houston-White Co., and Kee Restaurant Concepts and Consultants